• 공지 limit daily selling to 100

    Dear customers, We have decided to limit daily selling to 100 for both system and initial price stabilization with this opening of Beta2.  This is the temporary measure.  There is no limit for buying. Please keep checking the announcement for additional information on the notice board. Thank you. Cpublic

  • 공지 Dear valued Cpublic customers

    Dear valued Cpublic customers, 
I would, as CEO of Cpublic in the U.S., like to express my deep apologies and extend my greetings even though it’ late.

In the meantime, ahead of the opening of the Cpublic exchange, I would like to make deep apologies again for all of your concerns that had been caused. I regret any inconvenience. 

In the meantime, we, Cpublic, have worked hard and supplemented to meet the standards set by the U.S. I’ve considered the delay from this work has increased your concern. 

In the future, I will personally take the lead in major business announcements and communications with customers except for the delivery of general administrative duties.  
The following are the actions of the CEO as follows: 

 1. Opening Cpexc Exchange Beta2 By November 5th, 2019 (US time) Normalize selling and buying Normalize deposit and withdrawal of personal wallets
 2. Completing the third swap 10% will be completed by October 29th, 2019. The rest swap will be completed without fail. 3.Listing on the European (Swiss) Exchange. Simultaneously list CPX on its own exchange( as well as on Europe's external exchange. By between November 15th~25th, 2019 
- Keep our customers up-to-date with any news about Swiss Stock Exchange information and the exact date of listing 4. Make an announcement of a hybrid development project of convergence of information technology, real estate, education in Saipan (North Mariana Islands) Completed approval of 300 billion won worth of business licenses from the North Mariana state government. Completed the establishment Cpublic Asset in corporate capital of $30 million (30 billion won)
 Simultaneously conduct the project in the United States, Korea, China and third countries 
Brad Gu
 CEO, Cpublic

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